What we do?

We help our clients to develop products and mass-produce for their brands. Most of our clients have their own initial designs or ideas and we will translate them into finished products. We discuss of what we can do and our limitations with our clients. Most of the time, we do research (trials and errors) and come up with solutions or alternatives to get what our clients aim to achieve. Please see below list of products we can do.

  • Product Type per Category
    • Apparel – Casual, Formal, Uniform, Costumes, Sportswear
    • Home Textile – Bedding, Pillow Case, Duvet Set, Towel, Apron, Linen
    • Accessories – Bag, Hat, Belt, Pouch, Wallet
    • Footwear – Shoes, Sandals, Slippers, Socks
  • Available Textiles in woven or knitted
    • Synthetic – Polyester, Nylon, Elastane
    • Semi Synthetic – Bamboo, Rayon, Tencel, Viscose
    • Natural – Cotton, Hemp, Jute, Linen, Ramie, Silk
  • Treatment/Embellishment – Dye, Wash, Manual Print, Digital Print, Embroidery, Laser