About Us

We officially started our sourcing agency in early 2017 with experiences of more than two years sourcing and producing for some clients. These finally encouraged us to start Kakubuka earlier this year. Kakubuka (words in Acehnese, one of ethnic group in Sumatra) literally means “[something] has been opened by me”.

Philosophically, we would love to share our expertise and work together with our clients to achieve their goals. We are based in Bali, Indonesia and work mostly with local suppliers and small to medium scale industries. By working with these industries, one of our strengths is we can handle small scale orders for clients who just started their own brands and usually require lower minimum quantities to be able to start the business.

Even though we work with small scale industries, we are not limited to receiving larger scale orders too as we work with some vendors with larger capacity. We work closely with our clients as well as our vendors by communicating all details to assure excellent results. Moreover, quality inspection is always done for all productions without exception to maintain the quality is within the standard.

We are aware or always try to be aware of our environment and society. Please remind us if we are not! We always try to use our sources wisely. Good communication is a main issue that we maintain with our suppliers and vendors. Being responsible of what we have done not only to our clients but to our environment and society.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information. We work Monday to Friday 8 am till 5 pm and reply to message maximum in 24 hours.

Email address: info@kakubuka.com